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After the difficult and complex process of bankruptcy, debtors often wonder when they will stand back up on their feet again. Despite how bleak your financial condition might seem with some good planning and time you can once again be financially secure. After filing for bankruptcy, your credit rating would definitely be affected, but there are things you can do to once again establish your credit.

Since the Bankruptcy Code and the Fair Credit Reporting Act are federal laws, the period during which bankruptcy details will still be included in your credit report is constant for all states. A consumer credit report stores information about bankruptcy for 7 to 10 years. The fact is that it takes about 18 months of paying your bills on time to re-establish a good credit rating which would prove that you can manage your finances sensibly. For those who have filed for bankruptcy, re-establishing credit would be an even more difficult task. However, it is possible to have good credit ratings once again.

 The first and most important thing to do is to get a job. For a start, even a part time job will be sufficient. The purpose is to create a steady work record as soon as possible. You have to also have to obtain credit records from the three credit bureaus. Once you have your credit report, ensure that all the information on it is correct and you can send in a 100 word statement that give good explanations for your situation, if at all you had a problem.

Additionally, as soon as your credit card debts are discharged, you should have it mind to get and keep one or two essential credit cards.  Do not apply for too many at a time, and it would be a good idea to apply for a credit card with a local store or bank. However, if you are not able to obtain a regular credit card, you can apply for a secure credit card.

Open a checking account, make regular deposits to it and make sure none of your checks bounce.  This will show that you are able to maintain your finances responsibly.  It  is essential that you pay your bills on time in order to ward of building up of debt and bad credit.

You can apply for a loan at some point from your bank or a credit union. Once you get your loan, make sure you make all the payments on time or, even before time, if possible. Before you take the loan, you should check to see if the company reports all transactions to credit bureau since not all do.

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Steven P. Taylor, P.C. | Indianapolis Chapter  7 Bankruptcy Lawyer

Contact the law firm of Steven P. Taylor, P.C. today at (317) 271-1111 for a consultation about whether you should file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Indiana or email us your questions.  

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Prior to your first meeting with my office, please complete the above downloads. They can provide me with further insight into your financial situation and allow me to determine if Chapter 7 bankruptcy is appropriate for you.

Steven P. Taylor, P.C. | Indianapolis Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer

Contact the law firm of Steven P. Taylor, P.C. today at (317) 271-1111 for a consultation about whether you should file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Indiana or email us your questions.  Steven P. Taylor will assist you in determining whether a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the best path for you, and will guide you through the bankruptcy process.

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