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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Indiana


Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the most commonly filed bankruptcy and provides a fresh start financially.  Chapter 7 bankruptcy allows people to get their unmanageable debt discharged , get a handle of their financial situation and provide a fresh start.   Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is actually often called the “fresh start” provision of the bankruptcy code because it allows you to eliminate all of your debt (in most cases).  In a Chapter 7, we show the Court that you are unable currently, based upon your budget, to pay the debt that is overwhelming you.   

 Chapter 7 bankruptcy can help you stop:

Chapter 7 bankruptcy eliminates:

  •  Credit Card debts
  •  Medical debts
  •  Personal loan debts
  •  Lawsuit debts
  •  Judgments - Unless fraud or criminal related
  •  Deficiency debts on repoed autos and foreclosures
  •  Some IRS Debts - many income tax debts are dischargeable.
  •  Personal Injury Debts - except driving while intoxicated and criminal injury.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy does not eliminate student loans except extreme hardship cases, debts from certain types of taxes, alimony maintenance or support payments, fines, penalties and criminal restitutions, or debts from personal injuries caused by driving while intoxicated.  For more information on filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Indianapolis, Kokomo, Peru or other nearby communities in Indiana, read this.   The time from filing to discharge in most Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases is approximately three months. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy is unquestionably the fastest, most decisive method of relieving people of the weight of debt and obtain their fresh start.

Steven P. Taylor, P.C. | Indianapolis *  Kokomo - Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer

Contact the law firm of Steven P. Taylor, P.C. today at (317) 271-1111 or (765) 868-0807 for a free consultation about whether you should file for  Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Indianapolis, Kokomo, Peru Indiana or nearby communities or email us your questions.  

                                                   Download Intake  Worksheet

                                                   Download Budget and Required Document Checklist

Prior to your first meeting with my office, please complete the above downloads. They can provide me with further insight into your financial situation and allow me to determine if Chapter 7 bankruptcy  is the best path for you, and if so, I will guide you through the bankruptcy process to your fresh start.

We are a debt relief agency. OUR DEBT RELIEF LAWYERS help people file for bankruptcy under the united States bankruptcy code. IF YOU NEED DEBT RELIEF, OUR LAWYERS ARE READY TO HELP.