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Free Credit Report

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Car Valuation

NADA                                    http://www.nada.com/

Kelley Blue Book             http://www.kbb.com/


Redemption Funding for Vehicles

The sites below are operated by redemption lenders. In the event that your vehicle is worth less than what you owe on it, you are entitled to pay off your lender the amount that the vehicle is worth in one lump sum rather than the amount you actually owe on it. Obviously few people can afford to make such a lump sum payment. The lenders below are often willing to refinance your vehicle in your bankruptcy such that you will only owe them what the vehicle is worth. In essence, you leave the bankruptcy with a lower monthly payment.


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Safelink Wireless   (Cellphone Plans for low income)

Assurance Wireless (Cellphone Plans low income)

Food Stamps, Medicaid, TANF in Indiana  -   Provides Medicaid, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP - food assistance) and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF - cash assistance) benefits and low-income Hoosier families with child care resources from the Bureau of Child Care (BCC), including child care. 

Food Pantries (Web Site with listing by county plus other links)


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Federal Direct Consolidation Loans

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National "Do Not Call Registry" for Your Telephone Numbers

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Tax Forms and stuff

Order Tax Transcripts (Needed if you can find your tax returns)

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Exclusion of 1099-C Income from Taxable Income (Debt Forgiveness)

Contact the law firm of Steven P. Taylor, P.C. at (317) 271-1111 or 765-868-0807 for a free consultation to determine if bankruptcy is right for you or email me your questions. Attorney Steven P. Taylor’s practice is focused on consumer bankruptcy law and he possesses the knowledge and experience necessary to guide you through a successful bankruptcy filing

We are a debt relief agency. OUR DEBT RELIEF LAWYERS help people file for bankruptcy under the united States bankruptcy code. IF YOU NEED DEBT RELIEF, OUR LAWYERS ARE READY TO HELP.